Middle Mile Grants Merit Reviewer

Full Time, Remote
Posted 5 months ago

• US Citizenship required
• W2 Candidate only
• Public Trust Clearance required
• Remote
• 2- or 3-months possible extension
Department of Commerce (DOC) Requirements for Merit Review
The Department of Commerce (DOC) Grants and Cooperative Agreement Manual stipulates that the Merit Review process include “a thorough, consistent, and independent examination of an application based on pre-established criteria by persons knowledgeable in the field of endeavor for which support is requested. A merit review must be conducted by an impartial, objective, unbiased individual with the requisite expertise, knowledge, and experience in a technical field who can evaluate or assess a proposal for its value, quality, and likelihood of success. One who conducts a merit review must not have a conflict of interest, or the appearance of a conflict of interest, regarding any application under his or her review.”
Minimum years of work exp: Two or more years of professional experience in a related industry (e.g., telecom, broadband infrastructure development/engineering, constructing/operating a broadband network, financial/budgetary analysis, and environmental permitting), preferably in the telecommunications industry
Education: Bachelor’s Degree
Expertise, knowledge, and experience as demonstrated by one or more of the following:
• Direct exposure to public grants (i.e., Federal, State, local, Tribal), including, but not limited to, policy development, execution, administration, etc.
• Technical understanding of one or more of the following areas relevant to the Middle Mile Program: broadband or telecommunications, telecommunications transport facilities, broadband network infrastructure, or other similar or related technical understandings
Additional qualifications: Middle Mile Grants Merit Reviewers will reveal any conflicts of interest (real or apparent) prior to conducting a merit review. NTIA will make assignments where there are no known conflicts of interest (real or apparent). Considerations will be given to factors such as:
• Potential conflicts (e.g., Merit Reviewers cannot review applications in the same grant program for which they have any prior work or contracting experience);
• Geographic location of the Merit Reviewers with respect to the location of the applications to be reviewed (e.g., a Merit Reviewer from Michigan will not be allowed to review an application from Michigan);
• An appearance of impairment of objectivity (e.g., because of other activities or relationships with other persons or entities, a person is unable or potentially unable to render impartial assistance or advice to the government); and
• Reviewer bandwidth and schedules.

Day-to-day Responsibilities:
• Conduct merit reviews for grant applications to evaluate technical viability and develop written insights and recommendations
• Use an online tool/checklist and user guide and follow prescribed steps to review applications and move them forward in the application review process
• Responsible for quality assurance practices and fostering completion and accuracy of tasks
• Attend all required trainings; all trainings and technology enablement will be provided by the project team

Expected Deliverables: Will contribute to application reviews but not develop deliverables

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