Staff Augmentation

Planning and Strategy of Workforce

Finding a team of skilled individuals can be difficult, it is necessary to evaluate your needs and choose what fits your goals. With our wide range of multi-skilled consultants, Clover International allows you to scale your IT workforce on demand with quality. We make it easier for you to hit your milestones and reduce time to market with our expertise.

  • Analyze your company to take into account the skills and consultants required to get the job done on time with quality.
  • Set you up with the consultants that will make a positive impact in the right direction.
  • Provide cost-efficient solutions according to your budget and needs.
Staff Augmentation

The Benefits of Staff Augmentation with Clover IQ

Adding Clover IQ to your existing IT resources is a powerful combination that extends your IT support staff and capabilities as needed, when needed.

Experienced consultants:

  • A wide range of IT engineers to fit your required action plan.
  • Provide suggestions to your IT development plan to get you on the path for more success.
  • Our consultants are connected to premier IT partners such as Cisco, Microsoft, and IBM.
  • Providing proficiency to your deployment and operations team.

Project-Based Software/IT Development:

  • Project development from start to finish and released by professionals that will be there in every step of the process.
  • Provide strategic analysis, assess your IT and network infrastructure to support a new technology, application, architecture and/or solution.
  • Adoption of new technologies according to our consultant’s knowledge of what is the best fit for you.

Cost Efficient:

  • Accelerate the development of your requirements with a cost-effective strategy and high ROI.
  • Drive you to your goal in the most time-efficient manner to help reduce costs with a team of knowledgeable skilled engineers.
  • Reduce stress about recruitment, administrative support, or other overhead expenses.